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The Website is finally Alive.

After months of storming ideas and creative thoughtsin the wee small hours the Perspective Group Ltd website has finally arrived. As you can see the closing stages of the month of December 2014 sees it up and running for the very first time. These blog pages will give you the client, follower or even casual viewer the chance to see and read about all we are up to at Perspective Group. In many ways the journey has only just begin and this is just the tip of the iceberg but finally there is a website for you to see just what this company is up to. On the site we have added David's Trip Advisor link as well mainly because after years of travelling it was only time to share some of those experiences as well with you all. So far over 45,000 readers world wide have looked at David's comments on travel around the globe. Thank you all for the support to this stage and lets see where we go from here. Regards David enjoy.

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