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Perspective Publishing is now part of Perspective Group and we are pleased to announce in the coming month its hitting the book shelfs and news stands with a series of E books based around the Indy Car Series and also Global Travel.

The books will go on line via google books and more details and links will be announced in the next month so look out for the details when they come to hand.

The Indy Car Series of books will focus on 'The 100th' at Indy this year, a look at how this great race got to 100 races and the lure it has on fans and drivers, 'Indy Bound' a travelers resource kit book to aid in the planning of a trip to the 500 and 'Fan Guide' a look behind the scenes on the art of aero, helmets, transporters and more in the effort to help you understand the sport.

Global Travel the book will link to Davids personal Trip Advisor account ( he is currently in the top 5% world wide in terms of followers) and aid you in global travel and all the crazy things travelers come across and countries ventured to in the recent years. The trip advisor account alone already gives you a great insight to travel.


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